Welcome to the HoCoHRS Legislative Affairs page!

We understand how vital you are to the development and implementation of sound HR practices and procedures. For that reason, HoCoHRS is dedicated to bringing you timely updates on key legislative proposals both on the state and federal level – legislation that can (and so often does) have a profound impact on the HR profession and how we do our jobs.  We hope you find this information useful and encourage you to check back next month for another update.
For additional resources on HR policy and advocacy, and to view the public policy issues SHRM’s team will be tracking in 2020, we encourage you to visit SHRM’s Advocacy Webpage at https://advocacy.shrm.org/

Two additional ways to keep up with the SHRM advocacy team: through their mobile app (SHRM Advocacy), or on Twitter by following them at @SHRMATeam or through #SHRMLeg.

Happy Advocating!
Dawn Rhodes
Legislative Affairs Chair


Issues that we were tracking in 2019

  • Effective October 1, 2019: Eligible employers must comply with the following new employment laws:
    • Unpaid Organ Donor Leave
    • Gender Diversity in the Boardroom
    • Non-Compete & Conflict of Interest Clauses
    • Apprenticeship Career Program for Incarcerated Persons
  • Effective January 1, 2020: New overtime rule raises salary cut off to $35,568
  • Minimum wage (HB 166/SB 280)
  • Use of Criminal History (HB 22)
  • Gender Diversity in the Boardroom (HB 1116/SB 911)
  • Non-Compete and Conflict of Interest Clauses (SB 328)
  • Peace Order/Workplace Violence (HB 640/SB 555)
  • Effective February 11, 2018: Maryland Healthy Families Act