Lead With Laughs: Use Humor To Put The 'Human' In HR


December 16, 2021 | 8:15 AM - 10:30 AM
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about our program

We could all use a laugh right now, but did you know that a little laughter can actually help you adapt to change and prepare your workplace for emerging trends of the 21st century workplace? In 2020, the workplace status quo was disrupted, so HR leaders were forced to suddenly pivot, leading to an increase in workload and stress in a job that was already stressful enough. Most people knew change was coming, but very few leaders were ready for it all at once. 

What if you had a skill at your disposal that could increase your mental agility to deal with uncertainty? 

What if you had a secret weapon that could expand your perspective of adversity in a way that boosts your team’s engagement levels and improves collaboration skills, leading to more innovative solutions?

What if you had a tool that 91% of executives said is important for career advancement?

What if you already have this solution at your disposal, but it has been conditioned out of you?

We’ve been programmed to believe that "work isn't the time or place to laugh,” but this outdated adage has a demotivating and destructive effect on our ability to deal with uncertainty, innovate, and solve problems. 2020 has a message for old programming: change or be left in the dust. Backed by case studies and scientific research, leadership speaker, consultant, and comedian David Horning pairs hilarious anecdotes about learning the hard way with simple daily practices to bring you a presentation that will help you discover the necessity of learning to use humor in the workplace and build the cultural cornerstones of your organization as we head into the unknowns of the 21st century. You'll leave energized and ready to transform your workplace into a safe space for creativity, collaboration, and fun that will engage and inspire you and your team one laugh at a time... You don't even have to be funny to do it! 

about our speaker

Combining 8 years of comedy and 6 years of speaking, David Horning is on a mission to transform workplace culture as a keynote speaker and humor consultant. He has entertained and inspired audiences to use humor as a tool to adapt to change, relieve stress, and spark creative collaboration across the country, including for Wyndham Hotels, ShurTech Brands, and DisruptHR with presentations that turn traditional leadership on its head. He is the founder of Water Cooler Comedy, a company offering keynotes, corporate comedy shows, training programs, and leadership consulting.

In addition to speaking, David continues to perform stand-up, has been featured in comedy festivals, and hosts a podcast called “You Can’t Laugh At That” where he invites fellow comedians and business leaders to discuss the art and science of using humor to prove that any topic can be funny. He also regularly appears on leadership and HR podcasts, including HR After DarkThe Chad & Cheese Podcast, and The Indigo Podcast. He is currently working on his first book. 

Website: https://www.watercoolercomedy.org

Blog: https://davidhorning.wordpress.com

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